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Season 3, Episode 8 (24:48)

This episode highlights the “Up From Willie: A Conversation” panel discussion, created by Hampton University’s Professor Sherrieff R. DeJohnette. Eric Claville, J.D., Assistant Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, explains the Willie Lynch Letter. Freshmen Class President Justin Scafier of Quintessence IX, reads the fictitious Willie Lynch Letter to the audience. Dr. Natalie Robertson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Dr. Leona Johnson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology discuss the psychological aspects of slavery and how it still affects African- Americans today. Student Correspondent, Megan Downing speaks with students and panelists about their thoughts on the discussion. This episode also talks about the future history makers on Hampton’s campus, with appearances by students Bianca Brown, Mia Dingle and Naimah Kimbrue. Later in the show we hear from Maurice Pierce, Hampton University Track Coach, and Olympic medalists Francena McCorory and Kelli Wells, who are both Hampton alumni.

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