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Season 3, Episode 9 (26:02)

In this episode, Hampton University’s Pre- Law Program partnership with is explained by Eric Claville J.D., Assistant Dean of the School of Liberal Arts.  He explains the benefits and processes of the program. Faye F. Shealy, Associate Dean for Admission at William & Mary Law School explains the extended outreach of undergraduate students to help them prepare for the future. HU alumni and current William & Mary student, Yvonne Baker, shares her experience in the law program. Later, viewers learn what NASCAR Driving for Diversity program and Toyota Green Initiative have in common. Kareem George, Tour Manager for the Toyota Green Initiative, and Derrick Krantz, Rev Racing explain. Dawn Harris, the Director of Diversity Affairs at NASCAR explains how NASCAR even wants to branch out to women. Ryan Gifford, Rev Racing Driver, explains how there are plenty of opportunities for minorities in this sport. This episode features faculty and student profiles from Dr.  Krzysztof  Sliwa, Professor in Modern Foreign Languages Dept. and student Kendall McBroom, Political Science major.

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