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Season 4, Episode 3 (25:31)

In this episode, The View from Hampton U takes a look at the architecture program at the University.  Robert Easter, chair of the Department of Architecture, discusses the standard of excellence inside Bemis Laboratory, mentioning how the program and its stellar students have excelled. David Peronnet, Assistant Professor of Architecture; and, Carlton Copeland, Solar Decathlon Project Manager, discuss the 2013 Solar Decathlon Project which is an international architecture and engineering contest sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Oghenerumo Okiomah, Assistant Professor of Architecture, speaks about her educational background and how she helps students learn to be more than just designers.  Later, graduate architect student Roberta McLaughlin and fourth-year architecture student Tabita Daolio comment briefluy on the Menchville Nature Nurture project.

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